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Finding Freedom

by Gerald Fry

Finding Freedom tells the very compelling story of Pastor Gerald Fry’s journey through the crucible of affliction — only to find himself brought near to the very heart of God. And, in that holy place, Pastor Fry discovered the timeless and life-changing secret behind Jesus’ words in Matthew 5, the words we call “the Beatitudes.”


In these pages, you will find a secret so precious that it could only have been discovered in the furnace of affliction. Gerald Fry’s story will move you through laughter, tears, tenderness, and the heartburst of revelation.


Finding Freedom will resonate with everyone who has known exhaustion, disillusionment, and the heartsickness of trying to navigate “the machinery of Christianity”—while clinging to the everlasting promise and hope of the gospel.

In Pursuit of His Glory

by Gerald Fry

In this remarkable book, Pastor Fry chronicles his personal experiences of renewal and revival, as well as his reflections on the lessons learned in the process. In the course of his narrative, he shares valuable insights on God's grace, the power of intercession, the priority of worship and the supreme importance of obedience on the part of the body of Christ. 


As Pastor Jack Hayford, a personal friend of Gerry and Peggy, shares in the foreword of In Pursuit of His Glory: "I was pleased when I saw his manuscript for this book, because I knew at once that this will become a treasure-store of spiritual truth, insight and edification for all who read it. You will find a tender vulnerability as he relates with characteristic transparency his own journey, through both the invigorating peaks as well as the heart-rending valley he traversed, in experiencing a great — and peculiarly, also disappointing — 'revival.' "


You are sure to be inspired and challenged by Pastor Fry's personal voyage and his sincere passion to see the glory of God manifested in the bride of Christ in this hour of history.












Here is information on just a few of the ministries that we are connected to:

MOUNT HERMON MINISTRIES is dedicated to equipping, training and bringing restoration to local churches and church leadership. Gerry & Peggy Fry are fully committed to the challenging vision and call to see the mission of the local church reach its community and its world. MHM serves pastors and local congregations throughout the country who share a passion for the the bride of Christ and the soon return of her Bridegroom, Jesus. For further information, please click on the "Contact" tab in the upper-right-hand corner of this page and send us an email.



MESSENGER FELLOWSHIP is a community of leaders, churches and ministries committed to the glory of God. Messenger convenes leaders for the purpose of worship, hearing from God, equipping and the building of friendships by offering yearly conferences of leadership summits. It provides covering for leaders through relationships and resources, and it points leaders towards strategic ministry partnering, or co-missioning, locally and globally for Kingdom purposes. Click here or on the related logo for more information on this broad network of ministries.

THE GATE COMMUNITY CHURCH is a vibrant, growing local church ministry based in Franklin, Tennessee. Under the leadership of Pastor Steve Fry, The Gate Church seeks to awaken a passion for God in the hearts of believers as they become Jesus-followers in the context of Christian community. Click here or on the related logo for more information on the ministry of The Gate.

STEVEN FRY MINISTRIES has a mission to awaken in people a passion for God and to summon the Church to align to the Kingdom. As a conference speaker, pastor, author, composer and recording artist, Steve Fry blends worship and scriptural teaching throughout his ministry in a way that is relevant and revelatory. Click here or on the related logo for more information.

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