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Discovering the Wonder of God's Gift

Season’s Greetings, Our Dear Friends!

Christmas is truly our favorite time of year. This time with our family always seems to have a special glow about it as we celebrate the gift of Jesus. That love surpasses anything that man could ever imagine. This love of God is so overwhelming, as the Lord of glory from all eternity humbled himself, became a man, and is now and forevermore Emmanuel, God with us!

That same love encompasses us throughout the year through the many delights and challenges that we face. But Christ’s love never fails to sustain us as He shows Himself to be Emmanuel in new and deeper ways.

Recently we read a little story in our Streams in the Desert devotional about a man who went through his life’s journey carrying a little oil can everywhere he went. When he passed through a door that squeaked, he poured a little oil on the hinges. If a gate was difficult to open, he oiled the latch. He went on his way through life lubricating all the hard places and making it easier for those who came after him. People called him eccentric, odd and cranky, but the old man went steadily on, refilling his can of oil when it became empty and continuing to oil the hard places he found.

In our world, there are many lives that creak and grate harshly as they live day by day. Nothing seems to go right for them. They truly need lubricating with the oil of gladness, gentleness and thoughtfulness. So, too, we must be ready with the oil of helpfulness, good cheer and encouragement for all those who cross our paths!

May we all discover anew this Christmas the awesome wonder of God’s gift to us in His beloved Son. May we see Jesus in a fresh, new way. May we experience — like never before — God’s love that never fails, His peace that never passes away, His hope that never disappoints, and His power that always heals and sets free. May we respond by sharing this oil with all those around us and by giving praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ!

We praise God for YOU, our dear friends, prayer partners and joint workers for His Kingdom. We pray that you find in this season of hustle and bustle that singular shining star that brings hope to every heart and peace in every circumstance!

Yours in Christ,

Gerry & Peggy

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