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Reflections on His Perfection

It hardly seems possible that we have just finished the third month of the year — and Easter is almost here.

We are so grateful for each and every one of you as we continue on this journey together. Life is truly an adventure as we realize He has surprises around every corner of our walk.

As I reflect on what we have experienced as believers — especially in the past few years — the Lord impressed me to list the following: What have I learned? What have I heard? What have I seen? And what have I received? Here are some thoughts….

What have I learned?

• He is Lord

• He is faithful

• He loves me unconditionally

• He listens and He HEARS

What have I heard?

• His voice of care, love and concern

• His principles being spoken to my heart

• His reassuring voice, saying, “Well done” as He sees me through the eyes of His Son

What have I seen?

• His miracles of healing

• Answered prayer

• His guidance along my path

• His faithfulness in every situation

What have I received?

• Everlasting life through salvation

• His promises to always be there for ME

• His protection

• His counsel

• His joy & peace in the midst of circumstances, even when I don’t always understand

• His faithfulness, physically, financially, and emotionally

Some particularly meaningful passages of Scripture have included:

“For you are the glory of their strength; by your favor our horn is exalted” (Psalm 89:17)

Our God — in all of His glory and splendor — is the true source of our strength. And the grace, goodness, and blessing that He bestows on us brings us real victory, triumph and prosperity in our lives. God is good — all the time!

“When the waters saw You, O God, when the waters saw You, they were afraid; indeed, the deep trembled” (Psalm 77:16)

There are “waters” that will come against us — the waters of guilt, shame, disappointment, delayed answers, illness or broken relationships — BUT friends, no matter what we may be going through, HE IS THE GOD THAT SEES. Often, no one else sees, as the old spiritual says, ”Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen…” Nobody knows but JESUS!

“Your way was through the sea, your path through the great waters; yet your footprints were unseen. You led your people like a flock...” (Psalm 77:19-20a)

While our God walks with us through those same turbulent waters with a strong, saving hand, he also gently and faithfully leads us like a caring shepherd. The depth of His tenderness and lovingkindness towards us is something we will never be able to totally grasp. His affection for us is beyond our comprehension.

In this season, I still find myself facing the same kinds of challenges and battles that accompany us throughout our lives. Where I face fear, it is very difficult to resist trying to control situations. It is at these times that I need to learn to trust Him more. When I am confronted by feelings of anger, I need to remember to walk in total submission. When tempted to be resentful, I need to lean into His unconditional love. And when hostility feels like the right response, I need to walk in His meekness, gentleness and kindness instead.

So as we continue our various walks through life in 2019, let’s agree with God about…

• His steadfast love for us

• His faithfulness

• The covenant relationship we have with Him

• The fear of the Lord that we need to walk in

• How there is no one as mighty as our God

• The fact that the I AM is the ruler over all

• That He is awesome and does wonders

• That He is our creator God

• That He is a God of might

• That He is a God of authority

• That He is righteous

• That He is a God of justice

His grace enables us to persevere, even in the midst of relentless adversity. What Paul saw as a hindrance, God used as a preparation moment. The thorn remained, but Paul was given grace to endure and even rejoice that, through his weakness, the Lord’s plan was perfected!

A thorn can be anything that incessantly pricks and irritates, causing weakness or pain. Whatever the reason, it wears us down. But through the control of the Holy Spirit in our lives, He will let us see from His perspective and use every situation to grow us in Him in order to fulfill His purposes and plans and give us a future and a hope.

So, in light of His perfect faithfulness and goodness, let us daily set our “hope in God and not forget the works of God, but keep His commands” (Psalm 78:7), for what He has begun will come to fruition in His time. Blessings to you all. May you be filled with excitement for what He will do!

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